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Activities are for FG members only.
The Friendship Garden
We have some great activities planned for the future, but right now we have a special one for the Holidays...

Christmas Gift Exchange

The deadline for joining this one is passed.

Here's the scoop...

What will happen is the following....
I have sent out the information of another member that has joined.
You then go out and purchase that member a Christmas gift, no more than $20.00...
This doesn't mean it has to be $20.00...It can be less,
but NO MORE than $20.00!!

All gifts must be mailed to the recipient by December 2nd NO LATER or it might be late depencding on where they are located.

Make sense???
A Christmas gift exchange :)

Wait a minute!!!!! theres 2 rules

1) You are not allowed (under any circumstances) to give out the information of the person you are buying for.
.....If you do and we find out you will be removed from The Friendship Garden webring permanently.
All personal information must be deleted after you mail their gift.

2)If you join and you do not tell me you want out at a later time...Then you MUST purchase the gift..Don't let your recipient lose out!

When you join this activity you are giving me permission to distribute your information to the person who is going to purchase your gift....and no one else.
I will also delete the information once this activity is finished.

Please don't take the rules the wrong way....
They are not meant to be harsh, they are only meant to give security to those that aren't sure about joining.

Upcoming activities include:

Online Bingo...
Who's that member...
Secret Friend...
Secret Santa or Secret Elves...
Secret Valentine...
Easter Egg hunt...

If you have any ideas for upcoming activities please email amd let us know :)

PS...if you would like to donate awards for upcoming activities please email me.
They don't have to be anything huge...A simple Graphic/set/or anything you would like to donate!
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