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To The Friendship Garden's Birthday Committee!

The members of this committee are here to help spread birthday wishes.
When it is someones birthday they will send them an email, a card or sign their guestbook...
Something to make the birthday person feel special!

Here is a listing of the Birthday Committee members and their personal homepages.

If you would like to become a member of this committee. Please submit an email to us. :)

*Committee Leader*

Committee Members

Lynda Jean Hugs
Motts Coming Soon Coming Soon

You will find the members email addy's on the following pages.
Member's Birthdays ....or....Member's Emails

If in doubt check the main page of The FG pages.

Need some links to on line cards and greetings?
Internet greetings.

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and are copyright to The Friendship Garden
please do not copy or remove any part of them without prior written permission.