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If you are having a problem with another member(s) or would like to file a complaint against another member(s) please email our Grievance Committee.
Please include in the email:
Your member name...
The much information as you can.
And all people involved and if possible their email address.

You will be sent a confirmation within 24hrs to let you know the committee has received your email and will get back to you as soon as possible.
All emails are kept confidential and are only discussed by our committee between our committee.
Committee member listing is not for public knowledge in order to protect the members involved.
Anyone found discussing a situation outside the committee will be automatically removed from the committee and possibly from the Friendship Garden webring/group.

Once a resolution is found you will be emailed with our suggestions, and action will be taken depending on the situation.

The grievance committee was formed to help members resolve any problems between themselves that can not be resolved between them.

We don't take sides and we listen to each side of the story to help make any resolution possible.

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