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The Friendship Garden

You want to join us?

We only ask that you read the following first;

We accept anyone regardless of age, race, religion, sex, and cultural beliefs.

1) This is not a webring where we just link to eachother!!
We want everyone who joins to be active in our various activities
and communicate with other members. If you are limited to the amount of time on the Internet. That is understandable. You dont have to par-take in EVERY activity. But at least try and develope friendship with the rest of us on the board, email, etc... That's the whole idea of this organization.
If you have time to join this ring, then please be sure you have time to partcipate.
2) You site MUST be family friendly.
3) Your site cannot be linked to pages unsafe for children to view. I also will not link to members of the PWOTW as I have personally found NOT so
'family friendly' material on the main site,
as well as some members sites.
For more info, click here.
Read This.
4) Cannot contain a bunch of dead links.
5) Your HTML code must be placed on the page you submit
and the image for the ring MUST be uploaded to your own server....NOT mine.

If you need help, please just email me.

Due to the "" / "Yahoo" merger we have moved The Friendship Garden ring to
We appologize for the inconvenience but with the merger the webring management at was just to user unfriendly and required a lot of changes on the part of members.
We moved to save a lot of work/changes and confusion...not to mention we think the merger people thought more about big business than it did about its members.
We hope you understand.

Want to join us?! Join Us

You can get your HTML fragment here.

Thank you for joining and I will get back to you soon.

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The Friendship Garden in all it's entirety was created October 22nd 1999,
and has no affiliation with the webring/group titled
The Garden of Friendship.
Graphics courtesy of Canadian Angel Graphics
and are copyright to The Friendship Garden
please do not copy or remove any part of them without prior writen permission.
Tubes courtesy of Jane's PSP Tubes , and Lori's PSP Tubes.