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The purpose of this survey is to give us an idea of the things that need be improved with the Friendship Garden, or just stay the same. Each of us have limited time on the Internet outside of our normal, everyday lives. But I want to make this a true place for friendship. A place where we can go online and communicate, have fun, and also have a place to go if we ever need someone to talk too. This is extreamly important to me. So i ask that you PLEASE be honest. :) I am going to give ALL members a period of 1 month to fill out this survey. After which, any member who does not submit their survey will become inactive within this ring. And no longer a member. This will be done to help maintain the true meaning, and main structure of this group. Thanks to each and everyone of you for your time. {{{HUGS}}}

What is your name you have registered with the ring?

Why did you join the Friendship Garden?

Have you, and do you understand the rules & guidelines in the Garden?

Is there anything you dislike about this organization that maybe we can fix?

Do you, or have you participated in any activities? If not, do you plan too?

Are the pages within the Friendship Garden easily navagational? If not, please explain

Are you a registered user of our message board? If not, would you like someone to contact you to help?

Do you currently receive the Newsletters we send out periodically?

Would you be interested in recieving REAL prizes delived to your home for winning activities?

Do you consider yourself an active member of the Garden?

What types of things would you like to participate in, within our webring?

What is your email address?

Would you be interested in being involved with the current, and possibly new committee's?

Any additional comments, complaints, or suggestions?