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The Friendship Garden

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Welcome to Our Garden.

The Friendship Garden ring is for the sole purpose of friendship. 
To keep in touch with those that you have met on the Internet, or possibly in real life. 
It is also a way of meeting new friends, as one can never have to many friends. 
I have met many people online in the last 4 years and I find myself thinking about them now, 
wondering how they are doing because somehow we lost contact along the way. 
Everyone in the Friendship Garden has many different interests. 
And that is what makes us so unique :0) 
With that said I invite you to walk through the arbour and visit with us for a while,
or if you would like to join us then simply grab those tools and head on in.
Come in and VisitJoin Us
Click on the watering can to join

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Thanks for stopping by. We hope to see you soon! 
Ring Mistress; Jean 

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The Friendship Garden in all it's entirety was created October 22nd 1999,
and has no affiliation with the webring/group titled
The Garden of Friendship.
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and are copyright to The Friendship Garden
please do not copy or remove any part of them without prior writen permission.
Tubes courtesy of Jane's PSP Tubes , and Lori's PSP Tubes.